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Online Dating Etiquette/Advice:

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1) Please do not join any of the sites listed below if you are not serious about entering into a relationship.

2) Please do not join the sites below if you are looking for one night stands or sex partners. There are other places on the internet for those things.

3) Do not join the sites below if you are only looking for friends, or if you are not single!

4) Treat people you meet and talk to with courtesy. Dating is already difficult. No need to make it a bigger mess that it has already become.

5) If you are not interested in a person, do keep on talking to them out of politeness and pretend that you are interested. Tell them directly that you two are not compatible.

6) Do not be an attention whore.

7) Don't join if you are married. Hasn't marridge been made a mockery enough?

8) Take appropriate precautions about sexually transmited diseases. It protects both you and your partner.

9) Ladies, if men take you out on a date in North America, it's common courtesy to pay for 50% of the cost. Unless of course, equality only applies to women.

10) Learn how to spell words properly and read enough material to enrich your vocabulary. Respect the language that you speak.

11) If you're seeking someone interesting, make an interesting profile. If you're seeking someone intelligent, then say something intelligent in your profile. If you're seeking someone original...

12) Don't show up to a date late.

13) Do not be an attention whore. Also, pay no attention to attention whores. That always makes them angry.

14) The word 'awesome' should never be used as a self-serving adjective. You are not awesome. You are lame. Awesome don't call themselves awesome. They're too busy living a life that makes you look lame.

15) Don't join these websites if you want people to buy you drinks. Buy your own drinks!

16) Don't expect people to take you seriously if you have a dumb username. (Such as prettyboi69erlolz, or ebonygoddess4u, or kinkyblondbimbo. Grow up people. You have to be better than this.)

17) Being obese does not mean 'having curves'. It means having unhealthy amounts of fatty tissue.

18) Do not be an attention whore.

19) Stop making unreasonable demands upon people. Chances are, you've got problems of your own. Say what you have to offer the other person as well.

20) Guys, don't send pictures of your privates to women. They have probably been desensitized to them by now.

21) Guys, (and gals too) rejection is part of life. There is no need to get desperate or aggressive if you have been turned down. Chances are, you wouldn't have made a good match anyways. Use that energy to achieve more in your life instead.

22) There are many fake profiles on the internet, including scammers. This is especially true if the profiles are from another country. They typically have one or two sentences of broken English along with a picture of a good-looking person. It is best to simply avoid them. If you are seriously interested in them, ask that person to send you a picture showing them holding a piece of paper with a phrase that you set. For example, the word 'elephant'. This is a simple and rather effective way to check for authenticity. Make sure that the photo is clear and not digitally manipulated.

23) Accept that many people on dating websites only seek attention and have no desire to find a partner. Just move on.

24) Remember that the laws of economics also apply to dating. A) There's no such thing as a free lunch. B) If the supply and demand balance is not in your favor, it's best to move elsewhere.

25) Not all people who choose to find a partner online are desperate, or weirdos. Make sure to filter them out, because other people are quite normal and have been lead to online dating due to factors largely beyond their control. e.g. Being a newcomer to a city and finding it difficult to meet people, having a busy professional life which hinders finding a partner, or bad luck finding good friends.

26) Even if other people do not follow good principles and dating etiquette, it's important to be true to yourself. Sometimes the best answer involves making changes in your life to be able to meet the kinds of people you are interested in in real life.