Q: What is this website about?^

A: We collect webpage links from all over the internet in order to provide a convenient and fast way for people to browse the web. We favour sites that offer free content and sites that respect the privacy of their visitors.

Q: How come my favourite website isn't listed here?^

A: If you wish to submit a webpage, then please go to our "submit a link" page. Keep in mind that there are certain guidelines to follow, and that we reserve the right to exclude any website for whatever reason.

Q: In your category pages, what does the 
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 symbol mean?^

A: It is an 'i' symbol meaning 'information'. Click and hold it to see a small description. In some versions of internet explorer, you can simply hover the mouse on it without clicking. If you're using IE6, no soup for you!

Q: Will you include a ________ category?^

A: We will consider adapting the website to our user's feedback, but there are currently no plans to expand the number of categories. However, this may change in the future.

Q: Are you affiliated with any webpage that you link to?^

A: No. We do not obtain money to list/delist any websites. Should there exist partnerships in the future, we shall specity them here.

Q: Your website is really cool. What can I do to support you?^

A: Thank you for encouraging us. The best way to support FreedomsLink is to tell your friends about us. If they too find our website useful, then our userbase and popularity will increase.

Q: What can I do to protect my privacy online? And does FreedomsLink track my browsing?^

A: Please see our Privacy Policy and our "Protect Your Privacy Online Section" pages. FreedomsLink obtains your IP address whenever you visit and we use this information, along with information your browser gives us (such as resolution and browser type) to tell us in what areas to improve our website.
We do not lend, give, or sell this information to anyone. We do not use javascript to track users, engage in History Spoofing/Tracking, use cookies/flash cookies, pixel tracking, or host ads that engage in such activities. Furthermore, if you suspect any of our links to engage in History Tracking, or to otherwise disrespect user privacy, please Report them. Such deceitful practices have questionable legality, and should be discouraged until they are wiped out.

Q: Your website is too small/big!^

A: Resize the text on your browser by holding the 'Ctrl' key and scolling with the mouse wheel. Alternatively, try holding 'Ctrl' and pressing '+' or '-'.

Q: I can't believe that my inquiry was not answered by you guys yet! *sniff*^

A: Hey, we're sorry! Sometimes we have quite a backlog of e-mails to sort through. It's also possible that your e-mail was lost in cyberspace and we never even received your message. There are several things that could have happened. Please follow the guidelines in our Contact Us page for writing us e-mails. This helps us sort through messages quicker and more easily sift through spam.

If you think your message was worthy and you haven't received a reply, then please try again in a couple of weeks. It's possible it was erroneously picked up by our spam filter.

Q: I noticed that your main page has a cloud backgdrop. Does this mean you are supporters of cloud computing?^

A: The relation between the two of them is a simple coincidence. We chose clouds because we think they fit our page well. As for cloud computing, we believe it has its uses, but that as much as possible control should be in the hands of the individual as opposed to a third party.

Q: Aren't you worried that one of your links will get hacked/has viruses/displays offensive content/infringes copyright?^

A: We are not responsible for the webpages of anyone but those of our own. Although we do our best to make sure that the pages we link to fit our description and the expectation of our users, due to the ever-changing nature of the internet it is impossible to guarantee their integrity.
If the internet is to continue to thrive, then we must support an Open Internet, where websites are solely responsible for their content, without ISPs being forced by governments to monitor internet traffic and censor domains.
If you are willing to make a difference and defend the Internet, then contact your government officials and tell them you oppose Internet Censorship, domain takedowns without Due Process, or forced security measures that limit user choice and increase internet subscription fees.
If linking to a malicious website (knowingly or unknowingly) is a felonly or criminal offense, then the Internet will collapse.
At its core, the Internet was designed to link web pages together, to allow a user from one page the ability to access another page on a different domain. Will it be a crime to link to a webpage that links to a webpage that links to malicious/unwanted/illegal content? If so, then search engines, e-mail servers, encyclopedias, music and video streaming sites will have to shut down. The few sites that remain would undergo such expensive and rigorous filtering, that competition and choice would be completely erradicated.

Bonus Questions! (for those that like bonus questions...)

Q: I have noticed that some of your links seem to be contoversial, and not in accordance with the mainstream.

A: Many people have different opinions, and therefore a website like ours cannot cater to all interests equally. Our goal is to link to a variety of different views and opinions. However, we are convinced that Freedom is necessary for the well-being of individuals.

Q: I'm thinking of creating a website myself! I hope it will be 10 times bigger and a million times more successful than yours! But yours is an inspiration to me, and I was wondering what kind of programming/grahics design/website layout/anger management courses I should take.

A: If you're making a website, we kindly wish of you not to bombard your users with: javascript, 'You Won!' ads, epillepsy-causing ads, 'enlargement' ads, fake anti-virus malware; make your website super-duper cutesy-wootsy, make your website hideously ugly, make your website hard to see, spy on your users without their knowledge and gathering the information for intelligence agencies or some huge anti-competitive corporation, knowingly sell or promote a faulty or seriously defective product, lie to your users, deceive your users, have unreasonable privacy policies and terms of use policies (or written in an incomprehensible way), include boatloads of annoying flash animations...etc. (phew!)
If that's the case, then you have our full (non-financial) support! When you're done, submit your website so that we may link to it.
As for courses, since we probably don't know you very well, we can't make any such recommendations. As an individual you should make that kind of decision yourself. Just remember that if you have ambition and a great idea you can get far without any formal degree. There are also many tutorials available online for free. Check out our PC Stuff section. If your project requires help from other people, then choose your help wisely.

Q: Are you guys really located in Canada?

A: Yes we are, and we're fortunate to be here! Canada is a beautiful country, and relatively peaceful. It is easy to start a business here, and this is one of the major reasons why we have a decent standard of living (or used to, anyways). If you're a foreigner, just don't come here during winter and expect a picnic.

Q: Why doesn't FreedomsLink have a (insert popular social networking page) profile?

A: The simple answer is that anyone who wishes to contact us can do so already. Also, we will make more additions to this website as time goes on that will probably make us having such profiles superfluous. We don't see a point in creating and maintaining other profiles when such time could be used to improve our webpages. If this changes, you can rest assured that so will this FAQ page. Until then, any entity claiming to be FreedomsLink outside of our own domain, or without our expressed written consent is an impostor.

Q: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A: What do you mean? An African or a European swallow? The airspeed of a European Swallow is around 11 meters/second. See here for a more detailed answer.

Q: Any wise words or ramblings?

A: Life can be tough/cruel/unfair. If you can, try and go outside and enjoy nature. Some people place far too much importance on obtaining things they could comfortably do without. Others place far too much emphasis on trivial things. Life is much greater than computers and the Internet, politics, or arbitrary notions of success. It is far too easy at times to get carried away and forget about the truly important things in life. Health, family, peace of mind, sustenance, Freedom, self-respect, love.

If you are stuck, ask those who care about you for help. This usually involves moving away from your computer monitor and facing the real world outside. May good fortune smile upon you. Also, remember to try and get a good night's sleep as much as possible. We also forget that sometimes.

Q: What's your boss like?

A: He's a well-mannered fellow. He enjoys working with computers.
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Q: What hobbies do you people have?

A: Varied interests. Everything from archery, to drinking coffee, to spending time in the great outdoors.

Please see our contact page for ways to reach us with your specific inquiry. We welcome all feedback and questions.